So Is Life (Boxt, Dreskin, Nelson and Nichols)

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“So Is Life” is an extraordinarily wonderful collection of tunes that you’ll adore!


From the liner notes:

We hope the music we share here will inspire you to gather your friends and just sing. It’s what we did. We took some time away, grabbed guitars and a piano, and played, and prayed through our music. Our goal is simple-to make music purely for the pleasure of singing with each other.

Our friendship challenges, delights, and energizes us. We share ideas and adventures, large and small, laugh a lot, cry some, and sing most of all. We accept each other’s frailties and quirks, celebrate each other’s strengths and gifts, and refine our vision together — to build community through the creation of some seriously fun music and harmony.

Rose, Ellen, Josh and Dan

The Jonah Maccabee Foundation is endlessly grateful to So Is Life for donating the proceeds from this recording to support our projects.

Track 01: Turn The World Around (Belafonte, Freedman)

Track 02: Kinder (Benham)

Track 03: Love The One You’re With (Stills)

Track 04: Hareini (Boxt, Nelson)

Track 05: Down With The Shine (Crawford, T. Avett, S. Avett)

Track 06: One Voice (Moody)

Track 07: If Not Now, Tell Me When (Newcomer)

Track 08: And So It Goes (Joel)

Track 09: Ya Ana (Nichols, Dreskin)

Track 10: Now Is The Cool Of The Day (Ritchie)

Track 11: Where You’ve Always Gone (Nichols)

Track 12: May I Suggest (Werner)


released November 2015
recorded at Sweatshop Studios, Katonah, NY
edited, mixed and mastered by Mark Niemiec (Muggytone Studios, Nashville, TN)
violin and mandolin overdubs: Elana Arian
congas and shaker on Kinder: Mark Niemiec

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