Friday Night Live (Craig Taubman)

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Here it is! The Shabbat classic. Refresh your soul!

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Craig Taubman’s been making music since his teen years (haven’t we all?). In 1999, Craig gave the Jewish world a most beautiful gift: Friday Night Live. What started as 2000 young adults coming together each  month in Los Angeles to sing and dance their way through Shabbat has, since then, found its way into countless Shabbat gatherings worldwide. The songs that you’ll hear bring together energy, joy and spirit. You’re about to become part of that!

The Jonah Maccabee Foundation is endlessly grateful to Craig for donating the proceeds from any sales of this recording here on to support our projects.

Track 01: Romemu

Track 02: L’cha Dodi

Track 03: Barchu

Track 04: Ahavat Olam

Track 05: Shema

Track 06: Mi Chamocha

Track 07: Hashkivenu

Track 08: Adonai S’fatai (Intro)

Track 09: Adonai S’fatai

Track 10: Shalom Rav

Track 11: B’yado

Track 12: Yigdal

(Bonus) Track 13: Adonai S’fatai


released July 1999
recorded at Dog House Studio (Woodlands Hills, CA)

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