Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Summer ’24” Campaign

Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Summer ’24” Campaign

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We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. It’s incredibly gratifying and this list of donors to our “Summer ’24” Campaign is a small but earnest expression of our thanks. May our shared efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into a world that so desperately needs it.

The Dreskins

Corey Friedlander … in memory of Harriet Levine

The Levins … in honor of Rabbi Fred Pomerantz

Tom Schaefer

Valerie and Bruce Cortalano … on the occasion of Herb and Norm Friedman’s 90th birthday … their memories are for a blessing

Evan and Faye Friedman … in memory of Herb Friedman

Evan and Faye Friedman … in memory of Claudia Helene Siegel

Cantor Danielle Rodnizki … in honor of Ellen, on our final week of in-person chevruta

Robbie Harris

Cindy Hoffman

Temple Israel of Westport, CT … in appreciation for Cantor Ellen Dreskin’s letting us record her gorgeous “Awaken” as a part of our congregation’s 75th anniversary album!

Sally Winter

Peter and Sandy Rosenthal

Cantor Mandi Beckenstein … in memory of my parents, Julius and Ella Kark

Jay Mandel ‘80 … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Barb and Len Stambler

Craig Taubman … in honor of Ellen and Billy

Shelley and David Jacobson

John H. Planer

Roberta Roos

Roberta Grossman

Merri Rosenberg

Mark Kamins

Ruth Rugoff and Joe + Annie Potischman … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Susan and Andy Sterling … we will always remember!

Beth D. Davidson

Kathy Tuchman Glass

Lucy and Jeffrey Dinner

Jan Katzew … in honor of Lanie Katzew as we celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary!

Joan D. Funk

Beth Sher

Scott B. Cantor and Lisa E. Stone

Ilene Berger

Michael Skloff

Marjory Selig

Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk … in honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin and Cantor Ellen Dreskin, wishing them good health and happiness

Rebecca Schwartz … in memory of Morton Wolpert

Lois and Jay Izes

Shelli and Alan Katz

Martha Dubinsky and Mike Witkowski

Roberta Grossman

Marjorie Thrope

Ken and Liz Blum

Anonymous … in memory of Jonah

Brenda Spiegler and Mark S. Anshan … in honor of Ellen and Billy

Michael Swit … in memory of Larry Cooper

Michael Mellen and Amy Wigler

Al and Sara Dreskin

Karen Steele

Martine Klein

Geri Pell

David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik

Cantor and Mrs. Stephen Richards

Rabbi Aaron M. and Janese Petuchowski

Julie deWinter-Stein

Nancy and Chuck Fishman

Susan Aibinder

Robert Emerman


Vivian and David Singer

Barbara and Paul Flexner

Rene Katersky … in honor of the continuing good that is being done in memory of Jonah

Bill Dean

Naomi and Richard Binenfeld … in honor of Naomi’s adult Bat Mitzvah

The Dreskins of Albuquerque

Rabbi Mo Salth

Cantor Lisa Levine

Justine Berkowicz

Ronni Schatz … in memory of Rabbi Scott Corngold

Rochelle Novins

Abby and Harry Heiman

Judy Mann

Michael and Stacey Silverman

Cantor Todd Kipnis


BillyThanks to all who have contributed to our “Summer ’24” Campaign

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  • Rene Katersky - July 3, 2024 reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

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