Neilah Conclusion (Hope Smiles)

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Arranged for three voices and clarinet …

Arranged for two voices and clarinet …

Neilah is the service at the end of Yom Kippur. It’s a “last chance” to get a prayer of forgiveness in front of God. Mostly, however, it’s a last chance to admit we need to do better in the year ahead. This setting is filled with optimistic promise, that we WILL do better in the year to come. Hence, “Hope Smiles.” It’s based on the following writing by Alfred Lord Tennyson: “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, “It will be happier.” Dedicated to the life and spirit of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin z”l.

Note: While the piece was arranged for voice and Bb clarinet, a violin part provides a C instrument version as well. It also happens to sound beautiful.


Translation: Hear, O Israel, God is our God, God is One. Eternally blessed is God’s name and glory. God is God.


Music: Billy Dreskin
Vocals, keyboard and arrangement: Billy Dreskin
Sound engineering: Larry Alexander

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MP3 Audio (3 voices), MP3 Audio (2 voices), Piano-Vocal Score (pdf, 3 voices), Piano-Vocal Score (pdf, 3 voices and clarinet), Piano-Vocal Score (pdf, 2 voices), Piano-Vocal Score (pdf, 2 voices and clarinet), Piano-Vocal Score (pdf, 1 voice), Piano-Vocal Score (pdf, 1 voice and clarinet), Full Arrangement and Parts (pdf, 3 voices), Full Arrangement and Parts (pdf, 2 voices), Full Arrangement and Parts (pdf, 1 voice), Lead Sheet (pdf, 1 voice and chords)


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