The Guy I Love (from “Personals)

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It was so much fun spending vast amounts of time during college learning how to write songs and getting to actually do so for two full musicals. The second, “Personals,” actually went on to an 8-month run in New York and a 6-week run in London, as well as loads of regional productions across the country and the world. My very favorite production, however, was six weeks we all spent in Northern Italy and West Germany performing with the USO!

— Billy Dreskin (Jan 2022)

“The Guy I Love” is love-found-love-lost between a woman and her man. The man turned out to be Mr. Potato Head who is given a total makeover by his lover, resulting in her rejecting him because he’s no longer “The Guy I Love.” The song was presented off-Broadway by Nancy Opel (with the potato hysterically portrayed by Jason Alexander). The recording here, from the London production, is sung by Christina Fry.

“Personals” opened at the New End Theatre, London, on Sep 3, 1998. It originally opened at the Minetta Lane Theatre, New York, on Nov 24, 1985.


released October 1998
words by David Crane, Seth Friedman and Marta Kauffman
music by Billy Dreskin
recorded at Abbey Road Studios (London)
recording and mixing engineer: Mike Cox
assistant engineer: Richard Linecar
digital editing at Finesplice Studios
cover illustration: Frazer Marr
executive producer: John Yap (Jay Productions Ltd)
original sound recording made and owned by JAY Productions Ltd

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