Afterschool Special (from “Personals)

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“Personals” had its humble beginnings at Brandeis University when a bunch of us couldn’t find musicals that seemed right for the small number of students we knew who could sing, dance and act. So we started writing our own shows. Not that any of us knew how to do that. But when you’re hanging out with brilliant, talented people, you find a way. “Personals” made a mess of my grade point average, and my TA in the music department said there wasn’t a hummable tune to be found anywhere, but nobody had more fun or felt more accomplished than I did. When I learned that “Personals” was heading to New York (and later to London) I felt like a superstar. To this day, I remain super-proud of “Personals.” I was so fortunate to have made the friends I did at Brandeis and to have joined them for such an unforgettable ride!

— Billy Dreskin (Jan 2022)

“Afterschool Special” is every teenage boy’s dream come true. Some people spend their lives searching for the Fountain of Youth. Teenage boys spend their lives searching for sex. This guy figured it out! The song was presented off-Broadway by Jason Alexander. The recording here, from the London production, is sung by David Bardsley.

“Personals” opened at the New End Theatre, London, on Sep 3, 1998. It originally opened at the Minetta Lane Theatre, New York, on Nov 24, 1985.


released October 1998
words by David Crane, Seth Friedman and Marta Kauffman
music by Billy Dreskin
recorded at Abbey Road Studios (London)
recording and mixing engineer: Mike Cox
assistant engineer: Richard Linecar
digital editing at Finesplice Studios
cover illustration: Frazer Marr
executive producer: John Yap (Jay Productions Ltd)
original sound recording made and owned by JAY Productions Ltd

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