Michael (from the off-Broadway musical, “Personals”)

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One person’s heart-wrenching yearning for what once was, hoping that it might yet once again be.


From the 1985 off-Broadway musical, “Personals.” “Michael” is a song in which an imagined phone call attempts to restore an ended marriage. It comes from the 1985 off-Broadway musical, “Personals,” with book and lyrics by David Crane, Marta Kauffman and Seth Friedman, and music by Billy Dreskin, Seth Friedman, Joel Phillip Friedman, Michael Skloff, Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. The show featured a stellar cast that included Jason Alexander, Laura Dean, Dee Hoty, Jeff Keller, Nancy Opel and Trey Wilson. Musical Director was Michael Skloff. It was directed by Paul Lazarus. In the original production, “Michael” was sung by Laura Dean.

This version is sung by the very talented Angela DeCicco.

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Imagining what she will say into the phone: “Hello, Michael.” Tries different way: “Hello, Michael.” Tries another way: “Hello, Michael.” Then tries out what she’ll say: “Hello, Michael. It’s me. I just called to say hi. And to see how you’re doing. I miss you. Goodbye.” She hates this. She sings.

Hello, Michael. Did I wake you?
Guess who saw you? Eileen Mitner.
You looked happy. So she told me.
If you’re busy, I can call back.
Well, I have this stupid fa-vor.
You can really just say no now.
If you want to, you can really.
If you want to, just say no.

You looked happy, so she told me.
But I wondered do you miss me?
Do you really? Really really?
Michael, miss me. Don’t you know?
Am I still your Sally Aardvark?
Are you still my Many Men?
And I have this stupid favor.
Would you marry me again?
Michael, marry me a-gain!

So what’s new there? Guess what I did?
Started dancing. Such a clutzy ballerina,
But I like it. Keeps me busy.
I look great. Guess what I’m learning?
How to cook, yeah. Oh, and babe I bought a bunny.
And I named it after you. And I call it Many Men.
Well, I’m lonely. Guess you knew that.
And I love you. Really really.
Do you call her Sally Aardvark?
Does she call you Many Men?
Michael, marry me. Michael, marry me a-gain.

Michael, tell me why I left you.
Tell me what I thought I would find.
Where was I going?
Michael, I was out of my mind!

Well, I blew it. Guess we know that.
And I see now. It was stupid.
And I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry.
But I love you. Can’t you see that?
Can I come home now? Will you take me?
Michael, please please please just say yes.
Am I still your Sally Aardvark?
‘Cuz boy you’re still my Many Men.
Michael, marry me.
Michael, marry me.
Michael, marry me. Marry me.
Marry me AGAIN.

Makes the call, waits, then speaks into phone: “Hello, Michael. It’s me. I just called to say hi. And to see how you’re doing. I miss you. Goodbye.”


released May 22, 2020
music by Billy Dreskin
words by David Crane and Marta Kauffman
sound engineering by Larry Alexander (Studio “L,” Congers NY)

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