Performing THIS SUNDAY @ Our 10th Anniversary Event!

Performing THIS SUNDAY @ Our 10th Anniversary Event!

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The show starts this Sunday (June 26) at 7:00 pm (7:30 if you’ve signed up to attend online). And here’s the fantastic lineup we’ve got for you:

The Levins — Ira and Julia Levin are true national treasures, both in the folk music world and in human civilization. Their music is lovely, loving, and thoughtful. And so are they!

Kenny Green spends most of his time singing with kids all over Westchester. In his spare time, he studies an exotic instrument called the Chapman Stick. To hear him play is a wonder indeed. Kenny is another of the world’s nicest people and we’re honored to have him with us.

Michael Skloff is a composer, pianist and songwriter from Los Angeles who’s coming to New York just to be with us for the 10th Anniversary Event. You might recognize his name from the TV show, “Friends.” Michael wrote the theme song. As a friend and as a super-talented musician, we’re so glad he’ll be with us.

Five Jewish professional singers will be singing together at our gathering. They include Cantor Danielle Rodnizki, Cantor Jenna Mark, Merri Lovinger Arian, Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller and, of course, Cantor Ellen Dreskin! This will be a musical moment to behold indeed!

And lastly, the young Cabaret performers from Play Group Theatre itself (where our event is taking place) will be presenting. This is always a highlight of the PGT season and we’re delighted to share these kids with you on Sunday.

Add a couple of consummate storytellers into the mix — Rabbis Les Bronstein and Jeffrey Sirkman — and our anniversary evening together is shaping up to be a wonderful time for everybody.

We’d love to see you there in person or to have watch online. Either way, please sign up at

BillyPerforming THIS SUNDAY @ Our 10th Anniversary Event!

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