JMF Awards Grant to Youth Futures in Lod, Israel

JMF Awards Grant to Youth Futures in Lod, Israel

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Youth Futures, Lod, IsraelWe’re honored to send our love and assistance to Youth Futures in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod, Israel, which has seen far too much hate and violence in recent weeks.

Jonah never got to Israel, but was hoping to do so as soon as he could. He loved Jewish life, and he loved people … of all stripes and flavors. We think he would have wanted to help everyone — Arabs and Jews — in Lod.

Youth Futures has been empowering children and families in Lod for over a decade, and has established a trusting and profound connection with both the Jewish and Arab communities there. Recent events have traumatized families, especially children, in both the Arab and Jewish sectors of this community. Children and adults have experienced severe anxiety and symptoms of post-traumatic stress and the community urgently needs access to emergency mental health care. JMF’s grant will help enable the Youth Futures community to provide a mental health clinic that will provide clinical psychological support to children and adults.

In support of such a terrific and valuable program, and in memory of our beloved and much-missed son and brother, The Jonah Maccabee Foundation is honored to support the Youth Futures Family Space with a grant from our Jewish Life Fund.

You can learn more about Youth Futures here.

As always, we simply could not do this without your support. Thank you for your donations that make our involvement possible.

BillyJMF Awards Grant to Youth Futures in Lod, Israel

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