Campaign for Earthquake Relief … thus far

Campaign for Earthquake Relief … thus far

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Dear friends,

With your compassionate and generous support, we’ve sent off four grants to provide help from all of us in the aftermath of the recent natural disaster that has caused so much damage and taken so many lives in Turkey and Syria.

Grants have been made to:

  • The White Helmets, an all-volunteer relief organization on the ground in Syria. White Helmets volunteers have saved some 3000 victims from the destruction caused by the earthquake. The White Helmets are now entering the next phase of their emergency response: recovery and rehabilitation.
  • IsraAID, volunteers from Israel bringing help to anywhere in the world whose citizens find themselves in emergency need (including countries that are hostile to Israel, like Syria).
  • Embrace Relief, a Turkish-American relief organization that partners with organizations and sends their own volunteers to bring help where needed.
  • Bridge to Turkiye, a Turkish-American relief organization that partners with other organizations to get the help to where it’s most needed.

We’ll keep on helping on your behalf so if you would like to make a gift, The Jonah Maccabee Foundation would be pleased to find the organizations that are doing the best work there and direct our communal dollars to them.

Visit and donate to our Earthquake Relief Fund. We’ll take care of the rest.

The Jonah Maccabee Foundation has promised to honor Jonah’s life by “turning love into action.” The people whose lives have been upended and (often literally) reduced to rubble in Southwestern Asia is exactly the kind of love Jonah would act on. And with your help, so will we.

Thank you for supporting our Earthquake Relief Fund.

Ellen, Billy, Katie and Aiden
The Jonah Maccabee Foundation

BillyCampaign for Earthquake Relief … thus far

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