Our June Campaign is here: WE’RE 10 YEARS OLD!

Our June Campaign is here: WE’RE 10 YEARS OLD!

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We’ve got THREE EXCITING PIECES OF NEWS to tell you about.

#1: “We’re 10 Years Old!”

It’s rather unbelievable. It’s been 13 years since Jonah died, and 10 years since we started The Jonah Maccabee Foundation. During that time, more than 800 of you have made more than 2500 donations in 25 campaigns. Because of that, you have empowered us (that’s “you and us together”) to provide more than 150 grants to organizations that are working to make our world better for all.We simply must say thank you. It’s because of your heart, your caring, and your generosity, that we have been able to do any of this. That includes, by the way, our continued healing from Jonah’s death; we’re not done with that, but your kindness is what’s put us well on the path.

We’re hoping you will help us mark this significant moment by donating to our “We’re 10 Years Old!” campaign. Anytime in the month of June, please help us rededicate ourselves to another ten years of doing good for others.


If you’re able, we sure would love to have you with us. It’ll take place at 7:00 pm on Sunday, June 26 at Play Group Theatre in White Plains, NY.

There’ll be music, stories, tasty treats, and a whole bunch of really nice people (like you).

There’s no cost to attend and we promise not to ask you to donate any money while you’re there.

But you do have to register, which you can do at jonahmac.org/ten.

We’ll also be streaming the event online. Register for that as well at jonahmac.org/ten, so we can send you a link.

#3: Jonah’s Trading Post is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

What’s Jonah’s Trading Post? Well, you should really stop by and take a look. Basically, it’s a place for us to raise money in a different way.

Most of the inventory at Jonah’s Trading Post right now is music. Audio recordings, sheet music, choral arrangements and even band arrangements. It’s primarily music written by Billy.

Childrens’ music, adult listening, and synagogue choral music. Some musical theatre too!

Craig Taubman is there as well. So Is Life is there too (Dan Nichols, Rosalie Will, Josh Nelson and Ellen Dreskin). And Beged Kefet also! All of these good folks have donated their music, for which we’re very grateful.

At Jonah’s Trading Post, there are no prices on anything. You get to decide how much you want to donate. Yep, you can have everything for free, but we’re hoping you’ll drop a bunch of shekels in our bucket so we can do even more good stuff through the Foundation.

Stop by Jonah’s Trading Post and see (hear!) for yourself.

#4 (Bonus Section): It’s YOU who makes the difference!

Before we let you go, here’s a list of the grants that YOU’VE made possible so far in 2022:

  • IsraAid … supports Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and supplies humanitarian aid to southern Ukraine
  • Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center … provides free outdoor educational programming to low-resourced communities in the Boston Public Schools
  • The Penguin Project … provides theatrical outlets across the country for young artists with developmental disabilities, joined onstage by children without disabilities who work side-by-side through rehearsals and performances
  • United Negro College Fund …awards more than 10,000 students scholarships annually, and provides financial support to 37 historically black colleges and universities
  • “Songleading: A Work of Art” … the Foundation has underwritten this important book that promotes the training of a new generation of capable, effective leaders of communal singing.
  • The PICO Union Project … distributes free, fresh produce, mentors high school students, plants gardens and trees, and provides art programs to lift the minds and spirits of the immigrant communities living in the El Pueblo district in Los Angeles
  • The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project … provides free legal services to men, women, and unaccompanied children in Arizona who face immigration removal proceedings, endeavoring to ensure each immigrant has access to counsel, understands their rights under the law, and is treated fairly and humanely
  • Harmony Project … provides no-cost, high-quality music instruction and social support to underserved children in low-income communities, motivating them to cultivate their human potential
  • The Reform Movement’s Racial Justice Campaign … combats voter suppression, addressing systemic racism by demanding policy change on both a state and federal level
  • Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights … advocates for the rights and best interests of immigrant children, from custody and release to the ultimate decision about whether the child will be allowed to remain in the U.S.
  • Play Group Theatre … “preparing kids for every stage in life,” PGT understands that the show isn’t what’s most important when kids do theatre. Learning collaboration, sharpening listening skills, embracing creativity, and treating one another with honor … these are what PGT is all about. We love that!
  • National Diaper Network … provides basic necessities required to build the strong foundations all children, families, and individuals need to thrive and reach their full potential
  • 6 Points Creative Arts Academy … a summer camp that strives to create holistic, meaningful experiences for young artists in a living laboratory for learning and performing
  • Tali Fund … in memory of Talia Faith Agler, supports Tali’s ongoing work and dreams, helping fund the Talia Agler Girls Shelter in Nairobi, Kenya
  • 52nd Street Project … creates and produces new plays for, and often by, kids ages 9-18 who reside in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City

We’d be honored to have you join us in “We’re 10 Years Old!”

Together, let’s remember Jonah by helping make the world a little better for everyone.

BillyOur June Campaign is here: WE’RE 10 YEARS OLD!

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