Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Hope Smiles” Campaign

Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Hope Smiles” Campaign

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We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. It’s incredibly gratifying and this list of donors to our “Hope Smiles” Campaign is a small but earnest expression of our thanks. May our shared efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into a world that so desperately needs it.

The Dreskins and Boonshofts


Lloyd and Roberta Roos

John H. Planer

Carol and Matthew Scharff … in honor of Ellen and Billy and in memory of Jonah

Ilene Berger

​Jamie and Joey Carroll … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Louis and Kathy Bordman

Mary Ann and Gary Shamis

Dan Nichols

Roberta Grossman

Jeremy Michael Wolfe … in honor of Ellen Dreskin

Paul Flexner

Cantor Danielle Rodnizki

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

Susan and David Berger

Susan and Steven Schwartz

Ari and Oren Hoffman

Marc Margolius

Al ‘n Sara Dreskin

Rabbi Larry Milder

Molly Rodriguez … in memory of Robert D. Rodriguez, our son who died in 1994

Helen Meltzer-Krim

Cohn-Dreskin Family

The Leon Family

Louise and Craig Taubman … in memory of Jonah

Kathy Tuchman Glass … in memory of my beloved mom, Charlene

Rabbi Zachary Plesent and Jenna Mark

Emily Selinger … in memory of Jonah

Bari Ziegel

Adam Farber

Matt Murnane


Ruth Rugoff and Joe + Annie Potischman … in honor of Jonah Dreskin

Jane Emmer

Nurse Laura

Tracey Scher … in memory of Jonah (I didn’t know Jonah but I love his parents and his siblings)

Jeanne and Murray Bodin

Sarah Stein

Sally Winter

Julie and Scott Stein

Nicole Roos

Jay and Jeanne Weiland

Robbie Harris

Janet S. Elam

Nir Topper

Carol Ochs

Michael A Swit … in memory of Larry Cooper

Cantor Jill Abramson

Lisa Stone and Scott Cantor

Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman and family … in loving memory of Susan Sirkman

Jessica and Chuck Myers

Beth Sher … in honor of Robbie and Jamie (because l’dor vador)

Vivian and David Singer

Edwards Dowdle Funeral Home … in honor of Christopher Casario

Rabbi Larry Hoffman … in loving memory of Gayle Hoover

Lois and Bernie Bacharach

Danny Siegel

Jay and Lois Izes

Neil and Denise Weinstein

Stacey Silverman … in memory of Harold Silverman

Shari and Jonathan Turell

Cantor Julie Yugend-Green

Bonnie Denmark Friedman

Josh Perlstein

So Is Life

Wendy Grinberg

Merri Rosenberg

Rabbi Aaron M. and Janese Petuchowski

Renni Altman … in honor of Daniel Wender, a belated Hanukkah donation

Rabbi Maya Glasser … in memory of Jacob Zvi Bayer

Pietra, Alan, and Ben Greenberg … in memory of Sylvia and Arthur Greenberg

Kyla Schneider … in honor of the Dreskin family

Elliott and Phyllis Rosen

The Dreskins from Albuquerque

Norman E Friedman

Ellen G. Kreiger Rubin … in honor of Billy Dreskin

Eileen and Peter Reiter

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

Naomi and Richard Binenfeld

Barry and Joanne Citrin

Rabbi Jonah Pesner and Dana Gershon

Rabbi David Saperstein

Mark S. Anshan and Brenda Spiegler … in honor of Ellen and Billy

Rabbi Susie Moskowitz

Cantor Julie Newman

In memory of Aidan Silitch

Cantor Lisa Levine

Karen Steele

Michael Mellen

Madelyn Katz

Jeffrey Nakrin

Rabbi Lester Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Schiller

Rose Snitz

Dan and Kelly Kaskawits … in memory of Tammy Kaskawits

Rabbi Craig Axler

Herb Friedman … in memory of Elaine

Liz Kanter Grosskind

Don Jones

Margo and Charles Wolfson

Mrs. Marilyn Bilsky

Sharon Rich

Steven Turell

Patti Linsky

Jordy and Beth Sperber Richie

Rabbi Joan and Andy Farber

Judith and Bernard Kimberg … in honor of Ellen and Billy

Harry Heiman and Abby Friedman

Margot Serwer

Ramie and Merri Arian

Rabbi David Komerofsky

Rob Weinberg and Joy Wasserman

Richard and Marsha Cohn

Ilene Berger

Jane Emmer … in honor of Billy Dreskin

Rabbi Susan Marks

Anonymous … in honor of Dan Kaskawits

Father Robert Godley

David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik

David and Mattie Paul … in memory of Susan Sirkman

Harvey Feldman … in memory of Marian and Nathan Feldman

Sue, Michel and Gabriel Bensadon … in memory of Betty and Herb Kaplan

Melissa Kaye-Swift

Eileen Reiter

Peter and Sandy Rosenthal

Steve Klaper

Dale Glasser

Daniel Pliskin

Patti and Robert Mittelman

Jody and Michael Weinberg

Rabbi Debra Robbins

Rabbi Larry and Rhonda Karol

Corey Friedlander

Tom and Susan Schaeffer

Steve and Terri Levin

Marian Milbauer

Rabbi Jennifer Jaech

Anonymous … in honor of the Dreskin family

Addie and Rick Lupert

Cantor Riki Lippitz … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Cantor Danielle Rodnizki

Andy Katz and Susannah Sagan …  in honor of your work in Jonah’s memory, with additional tribute to Billy for teaching Andy how to play Riders on the Storm

Sue Shankman and Michael Namath

Ann Sterman

Steve D

Sarah Reines and Rich Bornstein

Gloria and Barry Meisel … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Rabbi and Mrs Norman Cohen … in honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin

Andy and Susan Sterling

Glynis Conyer

Harriet Levine … in memory of Len

Cantor Stephen and Marjorie Richards

Carol and Matthew Scharff

Wendy Jennis and Doug Mishkin

Steve and Donna Sorrow


BillyThanks to all who have contributed to our “Hope Smiles” Campaign

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