Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Beat the Virus!” Campaign

Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Beat the Virus!” Campaign

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We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. It’s incredibly gratifying and this list of donors to our “Beat the Virus!” Campaign is a small but earnest expression of our thanks. May our shared efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into a world that so desperately needs it.

The Dreskins and Boonshofts


Jill, Steven, Aviva and Ilana Abusch … in memory of our Jonah, because we miss him everyday

Rabbi Beth Davidson

Martine Klein and family

Rabbi Mike Mellen

Rabbi Jan and Cantor Lanie Katzew

Josh Perlstein

Joan and Andy Farber … in honor of Ellen and Billy

Megan Keane-Roithmayr … in honor of Katie Boonshoft

Ronni Schatz … in honor of Rabbi Scott Corngold

Lisa Stone

Corey Friedlander … in honor of the Dreskins

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

Cantor Danielle Rodnizki

Cantor Jill Abramson

David and Vivian Singer

Karen Steele

Sue Feldman … in honor of Ellen and Billy for the great work you do

Jeremy Wolfe

Fred Sternfeld

Sally Winter

Dr. Gary P. Zola and the staff at the Jacob Rader Marcus center of the American Jewish Archives at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

Diane Burhenne and Judy Ribnick

Rabbi Debra Robbins

Rabbi Mara, Mark, Noah and Asher Young

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

Rabbi Larry Karol

Lloyd and Roberta Roos

Rich and Mindy Agler … in honor of the Dreskins

Rochelle Novins … in memory of Jay and Kevin Novins

Rick and Elisa Recht … in honor of Ellen Dreskin

Jane Emmer

Shelli Katz

Rene Katersky … in honor of the Dreskin family

Ilene Berger

George and Chris Markley

Jerry and Barbara Wishner … in honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin

Jeanne and Murray Bodin … in honor of Caryn Donocoff (a nurse in New York City)

Rabbi Robbie Harris

Mary Ann Shamis

Merri Rosenberg

Rabbi Michael Pincus … in memory of Ella Norwood

Nicole Roos

Rabbi Larry Milder

Ruth Rugoff … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Ann and Les Tourk … in honor of the Dreskin family

Tony and Lori Dreskin … in memory of Jonah

Mildred Richter

Deborah Hall … in memory of Jonah

Roger and Roberta Wetherbee … in memory of Joseph Goldman

Joanna Sasson

Susan Newman and Lew Wyman

Rabbi Renni Altman … in honor of Daniel Wender (every year to remember Jonah and the great love Daniel had for him)

Susannah Sagan and Andrew Katz

Susan and Jeff Axelrod

Kathy Tuchman Glass

Rabbi Maurice Salth … in memory of Jonah

Cantor Suzanne Bernstein … in honor of Bruce Ginsberg on his birthday

Bruce Ginsberg and Rebecca Dulit … in honor of Cantor Suzanne Bernstein on the occasion of her awesomeness

Beth Sperber Richie

Dale Glasser

Rabbi Jonah Pesner and Dana Gershon

Rose Snitz

Geri Pell

Dan and Kelly Kaskawits … in memory of Tammy Kaskawits

Elliott and Phyllis Rosen

David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik

Rabbi Edward Schecter … in honor of Cantor Robin Joseph

Liba Bronstein-Schwartz

David and Carol Sank

John Kalter

Tracy Friend

Greg Kellner

Julie and Scott Stein

Rabbi Stan Schickler

Michael Dreskin and Carol Williams

Craig Taubman … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Jody and Michael Weinberg

The Chernoff family

Jay and Lois Izes

Justine Berkowicz

Liz Kanter Groskind

Myron Katz … in loving memory of Rina

Jessica and Chuck Myers

Yvette & Larry Gralla, Gralla/Chang family, Tomasetti family

Teresa Snider-Stein & Stu Stein … in honor of all the front line workers

Rabbi Susan Marks

Janet S. Elam … in memory of Jonah and in honor of his family keeping that memory alive

Patti Linsky


Jeffrey Nakrin

Harvey Feldman

Lester Bronstein and Benjie Schiller

Wendy Jennis and Douglas Mishkin

Mark S. Anshan … in honor of Ellen and Billy

Eileen and Peter Reiter

Kimberly and Kenneth Levin … in honor of the Dreskin family because of all the good you do and the friendship we share!

Sharol Brickman

Daniel Pliskin

Rabbi and Mrs. Norman Cohen … in honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin

Michael White

Charles and Nancy Fishman

Katie Allen

Marissa Marie

Ari Hoffman

Marge Eiseman

Roberta Roos

Amy Dattner

Greg Robbins

Chris Serico

Ben Applebaum

Zoe Jacobs

Ashley Woods

Dassi Citron

Dave Vogt

Angela Ray Stone

Rosalie Will

Emma Boonshoft

Robin Sacharoff

Caroline Cunningham

David and Kathy Gelfand

Daniel Cainer

Adam Ruzzuti

Casandra Maniotis

Jen Sussman

Rob Berliner

Amanda Bellantoni

David Berliner

Phyllis Opochinsky

Amanda Battaglia

Sarah Mishkin

Shari Lobello

Ora Elber

Jayne Wexler

Beth Sher

Christine Convey-Roithmayr

Dean Gild

Beth Strauss Zelin

Maddy Wachs

Judy Kalvin

David Fox

Anthony Nelson

Elane Sommer

David Cohen

Richard Cohn

Glenn Babakian

Frank Squillante

Roberta Grossman

Matthew Bottiglieri … in honor of Gabriella, Julianna and Dylan Bottiglieri

Tom and Susan Schaeffer


Bonnie and Alan Mitelman … in memory of Jonah

Richard and Naomi Binenfeld … in honor of our kids, Michal and Gary Loventhal, on their 22nd wedding anniversary

Scott and Debbie Glick

Irving and Angela Adler … in honor of the Foundation’s wonderful work over so many years

Margot A Serwer

Sommer family

Kenneth I Green … in memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin

Addie and Rick Lupert

Cantor Julie Newman

Steve and Terri Levin

Linda Lucks … in memory of Arthur Lucks

Pietra, Alan, Ben and Harly … in honor of Sylvia

Shari and Jonathan Turell

Dan Lucas


Cantor Wally and family

Cantor Leon Sher … in honor of the Dreskin family for all the love they bring into the world in so many ways

Rabbi Glynis Conyer

Michael Namath and Sue Shankman

Lori J Bluberg … in memory of Sophie Bluberg

Susan and Andy Sterling

Cantor Lisa Levine … in memory of Shirley Lipco Baker

Danny Siegel

Herb Friedman

Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman

Marc Richter … in memory of Paul Richter

Danielle Beech

Rabbi Ramie and Merri Arian

BillyThanks to all who have contributed to our “Beat the Virus!” Campaign

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