Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Jonah-Inspired” Campaign!

Thanks to all who have contributed to our “Jonah-Inspired” Campaign!

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We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. It’s so incredibly gratifying. This list of donors to our “Jonah-Inspired” campaign is a small but earnest way to thank you. May our efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into young lives!

The Dreskins and Boonshofts


Al and Sara Dreskin

Marta Kauffman … in honor of the entire Dreskin family

Danny Siegel

Sharol Brickman

Daughters Fund of Boston

Roberta, Roger and Allison Wetherbee

Chuck and Jessica Myers

Neil, Denise, Madeline and Noah Weinstein

Tony and Lori Dreskin … in memory of Jonah

Rabbi Ken Kanter

Martine Klein

Michael Karnes

Noni and Bob Stearns … in honor of the Dreskin family

Shari and Jonathan Turell

Millie Hart … in honor of Adam Hart

Myron Katz … in memory of Rina Katz

Cantor Julie Yugend-Green … in memory of Jonah

Nina Luban … in memory of Jonah

Ginnie Lupi … in honor of my niece, Brooke Kelly

Joseph Casario … in honor of my son, Chris, who is studying the Arts and I am very proud of his hard work and dedication

Sally Winter

Beth Sher … in  memory of Bob Kraus, who respected the Dreskin family and all the good they do in the world

Diane Burhenne and Judy Ribnick

Norman And Terry Cohen

Lisa and Scott Stone

Fran Rosenfeld

Lois and Jay Izes … in honor of Rabbi Billy for his beautiful Bat Mitzvah service for Samara Laks

Kathy Glass

Mark Anshan

Rabbi Robbie Harris

Craig Taubman

Rabbi Larry Milder

Angela Stone

Ira and Julia Levin … in memory of Sid Levin

Jane Emmer and Stuart Tygert … in memory of Rabbi Marcus Burstein

Michael Dreskin … in memory of Mom and of Austin Denton

Allison Shippy … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Seth Kroll … in memory of Brian Schwartz

David and Vivian Singer

Rabbi Paul Kipnes and Michelle November … in honor of you all, my inspiring friends

Cantor Lorel Zar-Kessler

Roberta Grossman

Joy and Dan Firshein

Julie Silver

Tracy Friend

Alice Passer and Barry Krieger … in memory of David F Passer

Jan Rose … in memory of Jonah

Linda Harvey

Jeanne and Murray Bodin

Julie de Winter-Stein

Josh Perlstein … in memory of Norman Perlstein

Rabbi Shira Milgrom

Frank Squillante

James Dowdle

Elliott and Phyllis Rosen

Rabbi Michael Pincus … in honor of Cantor Stephanie Kupfer’s installation as our cantor

Cantor Sarah Sager

Rabbi Rachel Maimin … in memory of Doris Pryzant

Judi Amsel

Barry Teneholtz and Robin Gendelman

George and Chris

Pietra and Alan Greenberg

Jeremy Wolfe … in honor of Ellen Dreskin for the Biennial So Is Life concert

Cantor Donn Rosensweig

Fran Smith and David Yarnold … in honor of Nicole Yarnold

Dr. Gary P. Zola and the staff of the American Jewish Archives

Sheldon Low

Amy Friedricks

Danielle Rodnizki … in honor of Ellen Dreskin

Carol Sank

Cantor Stephen Richards

Rene Katersky … in honor of the Dreskin family

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Meisel

Mike Comins

Howard Albert

Todd Herzog

Rabbis Michael Namath and Sue Shankman

Craig Taubman

Joan and Andy Farber

Liz Gabay

Nir Topper

Jay and Erica Leon

Corey Friedlander … in honor of the entire Dreskin clan (including Charlie) for all the goodness and integrity you bring to your lives, your work, and the world

Susan Marks

Fern and Ira Stein

Rabbi Jonah Pesner … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Janet Elam

Rabbi Michael and Jody Weinberg

Steven and Jill Abusch … in honor of the Dreskin family

Dr. Andrew Z. Katz

Judy and Bernie Kimberg

Renni Altman … in honor of Daniel Wender

Pietra Greenberg and Alan Cohen

Rena Dreskin Schoenberg … in memory of Jonah

Madelyn Mishkin Katz

Tom Schaefer

Geri Pell

Morty and Marilyn Berman

Helen Meltzer-Krim … in memory of my sister, Marilyn Ann Siegel

Lisa Levine … in honor of and in memory of Jonah

Joan Funk … in memory of Jonah

Richard and Mindy Agler … in honor of Jonah

Beth Sperber Richie

Merri Rosenberg

Carol Ochs

Kenny Green … in memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin

Patti Linsky

Fran Moss … in memory of Jonah

Ellen Rubin

Rabbi Jennifer Jaech

Mark Horowitz … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Harriet Levine

Rabbi Richard Sarason

Corey Friedlander … in honor of the Dreskin/Boonshoft clan

Shelli Katz

Cantor Leon Sher

Marcia Streussand Newman

Rabbi Michael White

Jeffrey Nakrin

Toby and Barry Linder … in honor of Owen Linder becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Dale Glasser … in honor of the Dreskins

Cantor Richard Cohn

Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg

Rick and Addie Lupert

Chuck and Nancy Fishman

Dan Glusker and Bethany Cooper … in honor of Robby Glusker

Rabbi Kim Geringer … in honor of Rachel Geringer-Dunn

Louis Bordman … in memory of Jonah

Cantor Tracey Scher … in memory of Arno Drucker (a mentor to me for many years)

Peri Smilow and Budd Mishkin … in memory of Jonah and all his extraordinary creativity

Liza Pincus

Steve and Terri Levin

Dana Gandsman and David Gaffen … in honor of Lily Gaffen becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Rabbi James Goodman

Jo and Frank Hariton

Donald Fast

Rabbi David Saperstein

Dan Pliskin

Dr. Daniel Lucas

Rabbi Todd Kipnis

Arlene Taman … in memory of Joel Taman

Cantor Mark Childs … in honor of Sheri Levson and her path towards healing

Cheryl Cohen … in honor of the Dreskins

Gail Hacker … in memory of Evelyn Gamsu

Susan Schwartz

Laura Copel

Carol and Carmi Neiger … in memory of Jonah Maccabee for his creative spirit that lives on through his creative parents, sister and brother and all those whose lives he touched

Andrew Loose and Jill Garland

Rabbi Glynis Conyer

Marta and Bill Kiesling … in honor of Aiden Dreskin

Robin and David Suarez

Harvey Feldman

Rabbi Michael Pincus

Sandy Lanes

Ann and Les Tourk … we honor you both and your devotion to Jonah’s dreams and gifts

Harry and Abby Heiman

Wendy Jennis and Douglas Mishkin

BillyThanks to all who have contributed to our “Jonah-Inspired” Campaign!

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