Thanks to all who have contributed to our Summer Campaign 2019!

Thanks to all who have contributed to our Summer Campaign 2019!

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We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. It’s so incredibly gratifying. This list of Summer Campaign 2019 donors is a small but earnest way to thank you. May our efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into young lives!

The Dreskins and Boonshofts


Roberta and Lloyd Roos

Randy Markey … in honor of Billy and Ellen and mishpocha

Laura Bernstein … in honor of Dylan Max, my first grandson!

Julie Newman … inspired, as always, by the work that JMF is doing — and by the amazing resiliency of the human heart.

Marsha Edelman

Herb Friedman … in honor of two sensational grandkids, Rachel and Josh

Lisa Ashery

Dan Nichols … in honor of Elysha Nichols’ 50th birthday

Stacey and Michael Silverman

Ann and Les Tourk … in memory of Jonah and honoring all the Dreskins

Barbara Stambler

Kathy Glass … in memory of Bernice Barstein

Rabbi Paul Kipnes and Michelle November … in honor of Billy and Ellen, because we love you and you have always inspired us

Al and Sara Dreskin

Frank Squillante

Janet Elam … in honor of the Dreskin family

Daniel Lucas

Kristin Stern

Rabbi David Widzer

Julie Silver

Rabbi Michael Pincus

Roberta Grossman

Rabbi Debra Robbins

Bari Ziegel

Rabbi Jennifer Jaech

Craig Taubman … in honor of the wonderful Dreskin family

Tracy Friend … in memory of  Ralla Klepak, a dear family friend, attorney and advocate of human rights for children and the LGBTQ community. She was a force to be reckoned with and will be greatly missed.

Rabbi Mark Dov and Marsha Shapiro

Rabbi Mike Mellen

Merri Rosenberg and Ken Hupart

Ruth Rugoff, Joe Potischman and Annie Potischman … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Susan and Jeff Axelrod … in memory of David Jonathan Ross

Don Jones

Adina Sharfstein … in honor of my grandmother, Resilotte Lisser

Holly Desnet Rubin and Scott Rubin … in honor of Jamie Rubin’s college graduation

Margot Serwer

Rabbinic Pastor Cantor Lisa Levine … in memory of Jonah

Elane and Fred Sommer … in memory of Jonah

Meryl Lewis … in honor of Rabbi Dreskin’s return to the bimah

Neil, Denise, Madeline and Noah Weinstein

Rabbi Larry Milder

Cantor Julie Yugend-Green … in memory of Jonah

Liz Kanter Groskind and Eric Groskind

Emily Rosen and Dan Gorka

Judy Mann

Rabbi Lisa Tzur

Michael Skloff

Susan Lees

Lisa Zbar … in honor of the Dreskin family

David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik

Roberta Grossman

Michael Dreskin and Carol Williams

Rabbi Stacy Schlein and Jeremy Sosin … in honor of the Dreskin Family, in gratitude and appreciation for allowing all of us to continue our relationship with Jonah in such a meaningful way

Matthew Grob

Josh Nelson … in honor of B&E&K&A whom I love

Rabbi Marc Margolius … in honor of the always inspiring Ellen Dreskin

Jane Emmer

Faye Roth

Rabbi Jan and Cantor Lanie Katzew

Marian Milbauer … thinking of you and yours as you mark Jonah’s 10th yahrzeit

Julie and Scott Stein

Danielle Rodnizki … in honor of Ellen Dreskin, for the gifts of her wisdom and guidance

Rabbi Lucy Dinner

Pietra, Alan and Ben Cohen

Rabbi Steven Lowenstein … in honor of Jonah

Corey Friedlander … in honor of all the Dreskins

Cantor Barbara Ostfeld … in memory of Lisa Ostfeld-Johns

Stan Schickler … thrilled to honor Jonah’s memory

Martine Klein and family … we love the great work you do and so enjoy reading all the remembrances of Jonah

Nina Luban … in memory of Jonah

Diane Burhenne and Judy Ribnick … in honor of the Dreskins for their unflinching connection to everything that is good in life

Dassi Citron and Bill Woolis … thinking of you and Jonah always

Matthew Stamm

Susan Pardo … in honor of Andrea Zlotowitz

Marilyn Bilsky

Chuck and Nancy Fishman … in honor of the return of Rabbi Billy

Mary Ann Shamis … in honor of the Dreskin family … amazing work you are doing!

Paul Flexner

Malka and Ross Wolman … in honor of Ellen Dreskin

Steve and Mary Klaper

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

Aryell Cohen

Rabbi Aaron and Janese Petuchowski

Rose Snitz

Helen Meltzer-Krim

David and Vivian Singer

Justine Berkowicz

Rabbi Norman Cohen

Robert Emerman

Rabbi Lisa Izes, Jason Laks, Samara and Jordana … we think the way that you keep Jonah’s passions alive and are able to better the world in his memory is wonderful

Rabbi Richard and Mindy Agler … we’re honored to be able to contribute to the work that you do

Cantor Louis Treitman … thank you for creating a way to keep Jonah’s memory alive for folks who never knew him, and thank you for helping other young people

Jeanne and Murray Bodin

Cantor Wally Schachet-Briskin … in honor of Billy and Ellen for the good work you do

Rabbi Robbie Harris

Beth Sher … what a valuable lesson you have taught us all, channeling pain into good works and hope

Geri Pell

Tom Schaeffer

Madelyn Mishkin Katz

Patti Linsky

Fern Stein

Rene Katersky … in honor of Jonah’s family, for your amazing spirits and warm hearts … you have my respect and admiration always

Irving and Angela Adler

Rabbi Beth Davidson

Marilyn Price … in memory of Devra Freelander

Lisa Ann and Akiva Wharton … in memory of Devra Freelander

Madelyn Mishkin Katz … in memory of Devra Freelander

Ellen and Billy Dreskin … in memory of Devra Freelander

Rabbi Les Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Schiller … in memory of Devra Freelander

BillyThanks to all who have contributed to our Summer Campaign 2019!

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