Thanks to all who have contributed to our December Campaign 2018!

Thanks to all who have contributed to our December Campaign 2018!

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We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. It’s so incredibly gratifying. This list of December Campaign 2018 donors is a small but earnest way to thank you. May our efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into young lives!

The Dreskins and Boonshofts


Richard and Naomi Binenfeld … in celebration of Jonah’s life and all that is good in the world

Andrea Zlotowitz, in memory of Jonah, my old friend whom I miss very much

Judith Anne Ribnick and Diane Burhenne … in honor of Ethan Maccabee!

Melissa Frey … in memory of Jonah, who truly embodied the very best of what Kutz Camp has meant to so many

Martine Klein and family … in memory of the one and only Jonah!

Cathy Rolland … in honor of the entire Dreskin family as you continue to keep Jonah’s memory alive with your incredible dedication and creativity

Morris Kramer

Danny Siegel

Herb Friedman … in memory of Elaine Friedman

Danny Price

Chuck and Jessica Myers

Phyllis Opochinsky … in memory of Jonah

Neil and Denise Weinstein, Madeline and Noah

Steve Hagy

Shari and Jonathan Turell

The Izes family

Joan and Andy Farber … in honor of Billy, Ellen, Aiden, Katie and Mark

Don Jones … thank you for being here

Bernard and Lois Bacharach

Judi and Bernie Kimberg

Gary and Stefi Zola

Roberta, Roger and Allison Wetherbee

Billy Dreskin … in memory of JoJo

Roberta and Lloyd Roos

Robin Sacharoff … in memory of Howard Sacharoff … because he would be as humbled as I am in the work you do

Elizabeth Okin Gabay

Matthew Grob

Rabbi Beth Davidson

Rabbi Robbie Harris

Al and Sara Dreskin

Rabbi Vicki Axe

Jeanne and Murray Bodin

Rose Snitz

Danielle Rodnizki … in honor of Ellen Dreskin

Jamie and Joey Carroll … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Myron Katz … in memory of Rina Katz

Susan and David Berger

Cantor Janet Leuchter … in honor of Cantor Margot Goldberg

Mary Ann Shamis

Sally Winter … in memory of Cary Falber, a wonderful teacher and a big part of our Temple community

Ellen and Billy Dreskin … in honor of Aiden Madison Dreskin’s brave move into his future!

Beth Sher

Scott Cantor and Lisa Stone

Trudy and Mike Holand … in honor of Avery, Callie, Zachary and Aiden

Gail and John Hacker … in memory of Evelyn Gamsu and Marilyn Hacker

Rabbi Mike Comins

Susan Glickman

Nir Topper

Steve and Mary Klaper

Cantor Todd Kipnis

George Markley

Kathy Tuchman Glass

Dassi Citron

Tracy Friend

Louis and Sheila Dobin

Jessica Steinman

Jan and Lanie Katzew

Carol Stempel … in memory of Jonah, Rebecca and Theo

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

Joe Casario … in honor of my son Christopher who was vice president of the Ardsley High School Drama Club

Cantor Kay Greenwald

Ruth Rugoff, Joe and Annie Potischman … in memory of Jonah Dreskin

Julie Stein

Frank Squillante

Dan Pliskin … in honor of Sam Miro becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Roberta Grossman

Barbara Stambler

Steve Hummel

Steve and Terri Levin

Renni Altman … in honor of Daniel Wender, who admired Jonah very much

Mildred Richter

Todd Herzog

Rabbi Michael Pincus … in honor of Sawyer Harrington-Verb

Rena Dreskin Schoenberg … in honor of my cousins Billy, Ellen, Katie, Jonah and Aiden

Jody and Michael Weinberg

Rabbi Myriam Klotz … in memory of Jonah

Cantor Anita Hochman … in memory of Steven Schiller

Michael Dreskin … in memory of Mom

Barbara Orwick

Sara Wasserman … in honor of Ellen Dreskin

Jeremy Wolfe … in honor of Maayan Harel, in thanks for sharing her music with us this year

Alice Passer and Barry Krieger … in memory of David F. Passer

Craig Taubman … in honor of old friends, new memories

Ron and Fran Moss … in honor of the Dreskins

Janet S. Elam … in honor of the Dreskin family

Amy Friedricks

Louis Bordman

Cantor Richard Cohn

Mark Horowitz … in honor of Cantor Ellen Dreskin

Joanne Gorka … in memory of Jonah … because

Dale Glasser

Corey Friedlander

Tom Schaeffer

Harvey Feldman

Bari Ziegel

Margot Serwer … in memory of Jonah … always in my heart

Barbara Gordon … in honor of Merri Arian

Rabbi Richard Sarason

Barry and Robin Tenenholtz … in honor of the Dreskin family … it is eyond incredible how they carry on their son’s legacy and memory with such humbleness and grace. With all the discourse we read about, the Dreskins remind us of the dignity and kindness we all possess!!!

Nicole Roos … in honor of Billy and Ellen Dreskin, with love and appreciation

Rabbi Glynis Conyer

Jeffrey Nakrin

Kenny Green … in memory of Jonah Maccabee

Rick and Addie Lupert

Andrew Katz

Isabelle Ganz … in memory of Mr. Abbie Lipschutz

Kyla Schneider

Cantor Leon Sher … in honor of the Dreskin family for all the great work you do

Susan Shane-Linder … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin and all the great work you both do for The Jonah Maccabee Foundation

Rabbi Michael Mellen

Harriet Levine … in memory of Len Levine

BillyThanks to all who have contributed to our December Campaign 2018!

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