JMF and Valentine’s Day … Love Enough to Change Worlds

JMF and Valentine’s Day … Love Enough to Change Worlds

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Logo.01aWe’re so pleased to have joined forces with Jessica Hendricks and The Brave Collection, selling exquisite jewelry made by artisans in Cambodia. The proceeds help these communities attain self-sufficiency and to combat human trafficking. At the same time, part of the proceeds come back to The Jonah Maccabee Foundation and will form part of a grant we’re making to The Play Group Theatre (PGT) in White Plains, NY. Jessica grew up at PGT alongside Jonah, where they both learned about the bravery that Jessica sees and nurtures in the Cambodian communities that The Brave Collection supports.

Our gratitude to all who participated in our Valentine’s Day project:

  • Amanda Battaglia
  • Sue Bensadon
  • Suzanne Bernstein
  • Rosalie Boxt
  • Michelle Butler
  • Billy Dreskin
  • Ellen Dreskin
  • Katie Dreskin
  • Ashley Fertig
  • Melissa Frey
  • Tracy Friend
  • Ilyssa Garson
  • Dan Geffen
  • Ivy Giserman Kiss
  • Wendy Leatherberry
  • Lexi Milford
  • Kara Millstein
  • Marisa Mittelman
  • Stacie Mittelman
  • Fran Uditsky Moss
  • Julie Newman
  • Keith Newman
  • Christine O’Connell
  • Liz Piper-Goldberg
  • Jennifer Prass
  • Isabel Rachlin
  • Roberta Roos
  • Tracey Scher
  • Susan Sirkman
  • Michael Skloff
  • Angela Stefano
  • Craig Taubman
  • Tamara Wolfson
  • Marjorie Zimmerman

The Jonah Maccabee Foundation is honored to have been part of this beautiful and inspiring project. Please visit The Brave Collection and learn more about Jessica’s important and sacred work.

BillyJMF and Valentine’s Day … Love Enough to Change Worlds

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