Hope Smiles — you’re darn tootin’ it does!

Hope Smiles — you’re darn tootin’ it does!

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Hi. Our Hope Smiles campaign is going really well. So many of you have stepped up — stop by and see the names for yourself. If you’ve not yet made your own gift, might now be just the right time?

If you’re triple vaccinated and you’re careful, the Omicron surge, God willing, should pass you by. Hopefully, this is going to persuade more and more of our neighbors to get their shots which, of course, will make the world safer for everyone.

Meanwhile, here are a few more quick snapshots of our grant recipients, so you’re in the know about what happens to any money you donate to Hope Smiles.

First up: MindLeaps uses the power of the creative arts (specifically, dance) to bring hope into the lives of extremely vulnerable children in the developing world, mainly Africa. Their unique program (a short video about which you can view here) uses a special curriculum of free dance classes to teach these kids key life skills, such as memorization, teamwork, discipline, grit, language, creativity and self-esteem, enabling them to transform that hope into tangible success in life. Once their skills reach the proper level, MindLeaps helps the kids — many of whom are refugees, or homeless, or otherwise extremely vulnerable — enter the school system, where they usually perform in the top tier of their academic classes. Without a doubt, where MindLeaps offers its programs, Hope Smiles. With jubilant gratitude for their efforts, the foundation awards grants to MindLeaps from The JMF Arts Fund. Visit mindleaps.org to learn more.

And then: Throughout the pandemic, so much of America has struggled and suffered through loss of income, loss of health, and loss of communal connection. Whether due to shuttered workplaces, understandable fear, or actually contracting Covid, getting food on the table has often been a challenge for even the middle class. Imagine how hard it became for families that have lived near or below the poverty line before the coronavirus hit. One of the foundation’s projects has been to get food to these families in as many places as we could. With heartfelt sympathy for the difficulties these families experience everyday, the foundation awarded grants from the JMF Social Justice Fund to local and statewide food programs from Wyoming to Maine, and New Mexico to Oregon. It is our hope that with each box of supplies, Hope Smiles and optimism endures. Visit feedingamerica.org to learn more and to send food to a community of your own choosing.

We continue insisting upon hopefulness, preferring to build something good rather than regret what’s been loss. You are always invited to join us along the way. You’re darn tootin’ that Hope Smiles!

Thank you.


BillyHope Smiles — you’re darn tootin’ it does!

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