June Campaign: Final three days … plenty of time to make that gift!

June Campaign: Final three days … plenty of time to make that gift!

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We’re rounding third and heading for home! Please help us fund the next six months of grants by donating during these last three days of our June campaign, Silver Learnings. Your gift is what empowers us to act in Jonah’s name and do the good in the world that he might himself have done. Thank you for partnering with us to turn love into action.

Silver Learnings has brought words to us all from folks who’ve lived alongside us throughout the pandemic. They may be students, professionals, entertainers, living here or abroad, but they all have written down what they believe to be some of the lessons they’ve learned from all of this. Life has become more precious having seen so much sadness and loss. Now it’s time to lift each other up and get the world back on its feet again. Silver Learnings is our contribution to that effort.

Rabbi Jeffrey SirkmanThis week’s writing comes from Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman. If you’ve ever heard the legend of the 36 righteous, Jeffrey is one of them. He is a rabbi who is beloved by his congregational family, not simply because he’s a scholar and a profound witness to the human experience but because he’s a good guy. No, really. He’s an amazingly good guy. That’s why you want to read his piece for Silver Learnings. It’s right beneath this letter.

In case you have some catching up to do, here are links to our other guest writers: Molly RodriguezJoe Casario, Evangelo ManiotisMarta Kauffman, Keron SiririJill Abusch, The Levins, Drs. Chuck and Nancy Fishman, Paul Feiner and Juliet Wishner. We hope you’re enjoying Silver Learnings as much as we are!

As always, you’re invited to direct your donation to our Arts Fund, Social Justice FundJewish Life Fund or General Fund.

We continue to miss Jonah and to feel grateful: a) that we had him in our lives; and, b) that he’s inspired us to do good stuff in his name. The Jonah Maccabee Foundation has promised to honor Jonah’s life by “turning love into action.” We are humbled to be your partner in working for sustained meaningful change in our society.

Thank you for supporting Silver Learnings.

Very sincerely,
Ellen, Billy, Aiden, Katie and Mark
The Jonah Maccabee Foundation
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BillyJune Campaign: Final three days … plenty of time to make that gift!

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